Uitnodiging IFR Denemarken

We hereby invite you to a whole week of Rottweilers in Odense, Denmark from the 14th to the 21st of September 2019.
2019 is the year of IFR´s 50 years anniversary and The Danish Rottweiler Club (RKD) 75 years anniversary. This call for a special event to celebrate the Rottweiler and all the Rottweiler lovers from all over the world.
We start the World Rottweiler event in the City of Hans Christian Andersen on the 14th of September 2019 with a regional anniversary show. The show will take place at “Dyreskuepladsen”* in Odense on the 14 – 15th of September following with an IFR FH tracking championship on the 16-18th in “Trekantområdet”* Jylland (about 40 km from Odense) Last but not least we have the IFR IGP Championship at “Odense Atletik Stadion”* on the 18-21st of September. Closing with a celebration of all the festivities on the 21st with a big party with room for all.
All information about the Show, FH and IGP including the registration will be available on our website www.ifr2019.com which will continuously be updated.
The show and competitions will be hold according to FCI and IFR regulations. Please see www.ifrottweilerfriends.org
Registration of the participants FH and IGP will be accepted from the 18.03.2019 until the 18.08.2019 and can be sent by using the registration form, which is going to be available on the website www.ifr2019.com Please follow the instructions given on the website. Also, please include a short text and picture of every participants and team captains. Entries that are not received before the last entry date will not be accepted.
Please contact Rikke, Uli, Carsten or Henrik if you have questions regarding the event in Denmark.

World Show, Uli Nomis: Uli.n@rottweiler.dk

Website http://www.ifr2019.com/

FH and IGP, Rikke Johannessen: Rikke.j@rottweiler.dk
IFR matters, Carsten Henriksen: cch@capral.net
Chairman, Henrik Fuchs: formand@rottweiler.dk

“Dyreskuepladsen”: Flemmings Allé, 5250 Odense SV
“Trekantområdet”: www.trekantomraadet.dk/leve/
“Odense Atletik Stadion”: Stadionvej 43, 5200 Odense

We look forward to seeing you all in Denmark.

Best regards,
Henrik Fuchs
Chairman of the Danish Rottweilerclub (RKD)

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