Hondenziekte in Noorwegen

10 september
Nieuws vanuit de organisatie in Denemarken. Geen enkele reden om niet naar de show of het IGP te gaan op dit moment.

Dear teamleaders and IFR board
We write you because of the Norwegian illness among dogs that has caused the life of several dogs in Norway.
We want to stress that there are no risks going to Denmark bringing your dogs. We have had no cases in Denmark whatsoever and we are and have been in contact with both the Danish Kennel Club and the Danish food ministry. If things change, we will inform everybody immediately.
However, the Norwegian Kennel Club have decided to cancel all shows, trails etc. until the 16th of September. The Danish Kennel Club has in corporation with the Norwegian Kennel Club decided that dogs from Norway cannot attend any Danish shows, trials etc. temporary until the 16th of September where they will re-evaluate the decision again based on the situation in Norway.
There is a lot of fake news about the situation on Facebook etc., please do not take that for the truth contact us instead if you have any questions.

Zie het bericht hieronder. Onbekende hondenziekte in Noorwegen maar nog geen reden voor paniek.  Zodra er meer info is zullen we dat hier melden.

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

We have all read in the newspapers and/or even circulars from our Kennel Clubs about the situation in Norway where a number of dogs suffers from a disease that has proven lethal for at least 7 of them.    
The symptoms are heavy and bloody diarrhoea.   Some dogs were reported to vomit but not all of them.   
As dog lovers but of course also in view of the IFR-events in Denmark in the week of 14 – 21 September, it is appropriate to publish an update on the situation.

The information that we have is only limited but as it seems, there is no reason to panic and/or cancel the IFR-events !

At this moment, the disease seems to have affected dogs in Norway only.   I have no information at all that dogs in other countries have been contaminated by this still unidentified disease or show the same symptoms.

In Norway, an estimated number of 20 dogs was diagnosed to be affected.  

It is said that when treated by veterinarians, dogs recover quite quickly.

The source and nature of the disease is unknown for the moment.     We do not know its cause (bacteria, virus, …) and not even if it is contagious or caused by an acute contamination by some common external source.   

As the corpses of 3 deceased dogs were sent for an autopsy by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute, hopes are high that next Monday at the very latest, its results will give us more information about cause and incubation time.      We must wait for this and avoid all rumours and speculations.

All Scandinavian Kennel clubs are very aware of the situation, are working on it and have informed other Kennel clubs too.

At this moment, the Norwegian Kennel club has cancelled all shows, trials, … but for this week-end only.  

If this measure will (have to) be prolonged for the following week is as yet unknown and will probably depend on the information that will result from the autopsies on the deceased dogs.       

We are assured that more information will follow as quickly as possible.

The Kennel clubs from Sweden, Denmark and Finland have decided that Norwegian dogs or in general dogs that live in Norway cannot participate canine activities (show, trials, …).     This does not affect participation by dogs from other countries than Norway.

Again, this measure is valid for this week-end only (7-8 September) and it is unknown if this decision will be prolonged for the following week.

Our friends from Norway that entered for the events in Denmark have been contacted and are aware of the situation, even the possibility (this is not certain) that the Norwegian team might not be allowed to participate.

The IFR Board is in contact with the Danish and Norwegian Rottweiler clubs on the issue and we have found both of them open and ready for all communication.

As said above, at the moment there is no reason to consider cancelling the IFR-World Championships.

Whatever the situation will be, it goes without saying that the veterinarians at the show and the World Championships will be asked to give very particular attention to this disease.   The same attention for its symptoms is of course asked from all participants and to report on it if they are established !

We will keep you all updated as quickly and completely as possible.     

With friendly greetings,

On behalf of the IFR-Board,

D. Vandecasteele,

Nieuws overzicht